Display days when shop is open for rentals (& returns) as green in calendar and the rest as grey (or possibility to edit/choose this)

At the moment the calendar is in default displaying all dates as green in the calendar even though the shop wouldn't be open all week. This is opening a huge possibility for missunderstandings and user errors in the selection of the lenght for the rental (and effecting the conversion rate negativly). Example of the problem for a shop that would be open for rentals (&returns) from Monday to Thursday: - Customer is trying to rent a product for the weekend and starts be selecting a "2 days" rental from Friday to Sunday --> calendar will display that there are no products available (false) --> customer will understand that the problem is that there are no products available to rent, even though the real problem is the misunderstanding of the opening days and the "2 days" rental selection made caused of this. This selection should have never been made, but customer can't know that. Solution. - As default only show days that the shop is open as green in the calendar. This would directly eliminate this user error explained above and most likely have a huge positive effect on conversions. - Attached are two pictures: a) shows how the calendar currently is displayed as default b) the solution.