Dynamic Pricing Based on dates

Hello, as a car rental company is common practice that prices are dynamically updating when a customer is selected the rental days, just like hotels, there´s the high season and low season, so I would say it is critical that this features is added so more tiny car rental companies (like the one I am trying to onboard on the platform) has the ability to set prices based on dates regardles on when the booking is made. EX: Customer is making the booking in May to rent a car in June> Car price per day should be 50$/Day, but if the customer changes the rental dates to October price should automatically be dropped to >30$/Day. I would say it is a "simple" feature to add the only thing needed to be added to the platform is a couple of dynamic Data fields called "High season"/"low seson" where the data type is a list of date ranges and the price is defined based on that criteria. UX UI wise the proposition would work as follows: Item price> is this a seasonal item> yes/no >if yes then show 2 fields: price during High season: 50$/day , price during low season: 30$/Day I would be happy to jump on a call with someone to discuss further development upon this feature. My email is soutomartin21@gmail.com Another great thing would be to be able to set a discount multiplier when a condition is met. ex: if rental days>7 then apply 10% discount on "day" price for the first 7 and 20% on next days until rental days>12. Something like this