Online store editor 🎨

![online-store-editor.gif](BASE/products/968030097/changelog/12764/inline-d523e12b1028390646b372bc6f84372e.gif) With this update, we are launching the first version of our online store editor, which allows you to do simple edits to the layout and styling of the online store. **Customizable layout:** It's now possible to customize the layout of the Online Store home view to list all product categories instead of all products. **Categories view:** The categories layout lists all categories in a grid with images for each category **Featured image:** You can now add a featured image, page heading, description, and a CTA on the category page **Preview:** The editor boasts a preview of your online store, so that you can get an idea of how things look before going live with the changes. You can access the editor through Settings > Online Store > Customizer [Learn more on how to edit your online store appearance](