Sell products

We are excited to tell you that we released something we have been working on for a while: ## You can now choose between renting and selling your products. ![sell-products.gif](BASE/products/968030097/changelog/12762/inline-8584f7e1a7a0a9b50e6dfec037b1db18.gif) This update brings support for basic sales cases. For example, selling used equipment when it's time to renew your rental fleet or selling additional products and services along with product rentals, are now possible with the update. The selling features are available on all plans. ## What's new **Product settings:** You are now able to define a sales price, and mark whether a product is for rent, for sale, or both **Inventory:** You are now able to define how much of a given SKU is available for rent, and how much is for sale **Orders:** New “Pending” and “Completed” order tabs to account for sales orders **Single orders:** New flows for handling sales products, performance and usability improvements **Online Store:** Customers have an option select whether they are renting or buying, and see the prices and availability accordingly ## Upcoming improvements Some further improvements in the pipeline include: * Support sales products in shipping and local deliveries. * Supporting the case of a single article being available for both renting and selling at the same time * Possibility to add sales products to orders manually. Currently, you can only sell products through the online store.